Winter O’ Dear

The folklore she narrates
While knitting warmth, in sweaters and scarfs
Under the winter sun, its dripping rays cosy up her broken elbows, fast
The stories, gut-wrenching and heart-warming, I wish the session to last
O’ Grandmother, tell me a tale, one more!

The smile she carries
While cooking green veggies, their aroma wafting around
The verandah, drying pickles in multiple rounds
The sweetness of flour-balls, still tingling in the mouth
O’ Mother, give me a hug, one more!

The love he offers
While prepping up for a day-long outside
Coming back with goodies, for the awaited festive night
Bundle of wood and sweets for an evening, shiny bright
O’ Father, pick me in your arms, once more!

Together we all, merrily encircle around
The holy fire, to douse evil, lit on the ground
Its warmth blending with the airy-cold weather
Seeping in cosiness, with neighbors we gather
The nuts and sweets that we offer to the Lord of Fire
Turn into holy offerings, and fulfill desires
I, once a child, await the festival of Lohri every year
Even though it comes to gradually take away
my favourite season, Winter, O’ Dear!

Lohri*: A popular winter folk festival celebrated primarily in Punjab and few other northern states of India

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