The Unwanted Revelation!

Lata had been asking Arushi to visit their family doctor, for a long time now. But Arushi was apprehensive. Quoting random reasons, she kept ignoring Lata’s demand. Fuming over her disobedience, Lata decided to rope-in Akash also in the battle. But to her utter dismay, he also took Arushi’s side. Both of them kept ignoring her demand for as long as they could.

But today Lata decided to fool them. In disguise of taking them to the temple, she took them to the hospital. Arushi couldn’t say anything to her mother-in-law. But Akash realized that the moment of truth had finally arrived.

Holding his mother’s hands, he said, “Mom, let it be a surprise please. We do not want to know the gender of our to-be child!” Lata was left speechless.

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