The Daunting ‘If I were’

Radhika started unpacking as soon as they reached the resort. Baby Roohi was exhausted from the road travel, and Radhika wanted to make her comfortable. As she opened the baby bag, she could not find her diapers.

By now, Rohan was furious. The frustration due to Radhika’s forgetfulness was vivid on his face. “Now manage howsoever you want to. I don’t understand how can you be so unorganized. If I were in your place, I would make sure everything is done right and on time,” he lashed out.

Radhika had heard this statement for an nth time. Still fiddling through the bag, she gave a big smile to Rohan and said, “Let’s make your dream a reality this time. Here is Roohi and here’s her bag. While you take care of her, I’m going to play snooker.”

As Radhika picked her handbag and left the room, Rohan stood there open-mouthed!

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