Once Again!

Do you snuggle like a baby in the bed
Wrapping yourself within yourself
Taking care of your soul like a mother

And then, there’s an overflow of emotions
That only your shadow catches
As you try to catch sleep
But you’re sleepless
For you’re overwhelmed with feelings

And then, your own shadow scares you
As if, it’ll drift you into oblivion
But moments later, you get comfortable
For only your silhouette carries you
and your emotions

And then, as the night descends
The feelings that’ve been overpowering you
Gradually sink deep in your heart
As you move into a peaceful slumber
Those feelings then erupt again
With just a minute spark during the day
And then, when the day dies
Only you and your shadow remain
Once again!

Image Credit: Laurisa Deacon (Unsplash)

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