I Wonder!

The book on the bookshelf, is unread
The food the fridge, still uneaten
The curtains and couches, are unkempt
The questions and queries, still unaddressed
There’s so much more unfinished, undone!

Amidst all this –

I wonder what and why, am I going to gather
in the lengthy and lost, rat race resulting in nothing
When all I want, is a lovely life with laughter and learnings
Where I can enjoy, the scorching sun and some solitude
Where I can observe the trunk of trees and see tiny turtles
Where I can listen to the nice nightingales in the night
And after all this, go to sleep with a soundless mind!


Image Credit: Jeremiah Lawrence


#NaPoWriMo21 #NaPoWriMo2021

Written on 02/04/2021

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