Forbidden Fruit

Is unknown and will forever be

Thoughtful or not, they savoured the juice

Of what before, they’d never seen

The urge unavoidable or not

Still exploring their own being


Were they apprehensive or just couldn’t stop

Were they attracted or too hungry

Or were curious to know its making

Had conscience even started birthing


I question myself, was the fruit ever forbidden

Or all this was meant to be?

Is all this mere fiction, that

You and I, cooked for need?

Why is it called the Forbidden Fruit

When nobody’s seen the actual root?


I’ve come to realize, for few, these are true stories

For others, a lie full of glory

Some say, man couldn’t control desires

Others claim, the fruit grew for buyers


But the question isn’t about true and false

It’s about what makes sense to us

I let you stay how it pleases you

But let me enjoy my own brew!


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