Category: NaPoWriMo - 2021

Baby Steps

Baby steps,I learned from themBaby steps,I am teaching to them These baby steps are nostalgiaAnd they are realisationOf the constant, thatlife keeps offering us -Change! .

I Wonder!

The book on the bookshelf, is unreadThe food the fridge, still uneatenThe curtains and couches, are unkemptThe questions and queries, still unaddressedThere's so much more unfinished, undone!

Sarcastic Sorry!

Thankyou she said –Every time they allowed her, to step outEvery time they applauded her, in a crowdGratitude she expressed –For every freedom grantedFor every wish accepted.But all this only...

Women’s Will!

Will women, ever be acceptedFor who they are and what they feelFor what they want and what they see!Will women, ever be forgivenFor what they do and howFor what they...

Travel to the moon

I wish to travel to the moonand set up a house, thereThe Earth's getting contaminatedI want to escape the danger, hereI can buy some moon-landTo board the spaceship, I need...

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Making me whole

If nature was a lover, I’d woo her to extremeMake her fall for me, like in her love, I searedWhen I looked...

The story of Toasted Bread, with butter!

I love toasted bread, with butter A cup of tea along, elevates my mood - to the next level For those brief moments, I almost forget about your...


The mud is flyingAround me, smoke is waftingI am breathing airThat is contaminatedAnd burning my lungs, too much Can...